Best Original Score - Short Film
"Macarrones con tomate"
Best Original Score - Independent film
(Foreign language)
"Quién eres"
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2nd Prize
Best Original Score - Short Film
"What is love"


Best Original score -  Commercial
"ESCAC - Quiero hacer cine"
Best Original score -  Short Film
"Macarrones con tomate"
Premios Oriana
International Film Festival
Best Original score - Commercial
"Moritz Barcelona"
Best Original score - Commercial
"Etnia Barcelona"





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MOVIESCORE MEDIA releases "Quién eres" soundtrack

"MovieScore Media continues its exploration of great Spanish film music by releasing the Hollywood Music in Media Award-winner score for Quién eres by Joan Vilà"

Movie Score Media




  • Winner: 

Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2019 (2nd prize)

Best Original Score Short film -

"What Is Love"

Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2018

Best Original Score Independent Film (Foreign Language) - "Quién Eres"

Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2018

Best Original Score Short film -

"Macarrones con tomate"

  • Nominations:

Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2019 

Best Original Score Commercial -

"ESCAC - Quieres hacer cine"

Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2016

Best Original Score Commercial -


Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2015

Best Original Score Commercial -

"Etnia Barcelona"



I’ve studied film scoring and orchestration with composers such as Conrad Pope (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Benjamin Button, Matrix), Nan Schwarz (Grammy winner), Roque Baños (Don’t Breath, In the heart of the sea), Lluís Vergés, Lucio Godoy or Luís Ivars.


I did my piano, drumming and theory of music studies at “Taller de musics” school of Barcelona, Escola Àngel Soler and Escola Santa Anna.


And I’ve also studied audiovisual media at La Mercè Image school of Barcelona and worked as filmmaker and editor at TV3, the Catalan National Television.

"Sensibilidad, talento y efectividad"

-  Miki Esparbé (Actor y Director de cine)

"A parte de tener una gran sensibilidad musical, es tremendamente dúctil para adaptar su música y estilo a las imágenes. Joan es un músico profundo y generoso, y espero tener la oportunidad de volver a trabajar con el"

-  Jordi Cadena (Director de cine)

About me


I am a composer, pianist, drummer and filmmaker from Barcelona, Spain. Due to my passion for film and music, I have specialized in the area of soundtracks for all types of media.




I’ve composed original music for the feature films:


-Quién Eres, directed by Javier Alba (2019)

-Capa Negra, directed by Jaume Najarro (2019)

-Blue Rai, directed by Pedro. B. Abreu (2018)

-Verano Rojo, directed by Carles Jofre (2018)

-L’amant del silenci directed by Jordi Cadena (2017)

Additional music for the feature film:


 -Barcelona, nit d’hivern directed by Dani de la Orden (2017) 

Original music for series:

-Boca Norte directed by Dani de la Orden

and Elena Trapé (2019)

Original music for documentaries:

-Half the story directed by Blanca Latorre (2019)

-Desmuntant Leonardo directed by Dani de la Orden and Marc Pujolar (2016)


Original music for many short films, as:


-“Dana” directed by Lucía Forner (2020)

-“La Penumbra” directed by Dani Viqueira (2020)

-“Teadrop” directed by Ryan Oksenberg (2020)

-“Te lo digo a ti” directed by Elena Trapé (2019)

-“Por qué miente la gente” directed by Dídac Cervera (2019)

-“A little taste” directed by Víctor Català (2019)

-“What is love” directed by Paco Caballero (2019)

-“Tu último día en la tierra” directed by Marc Martínez (2019)

-“Macarrones con tomate” directed by Javier Alba (2018)

-“Niña de Papá” directed by Miki Esparbé (2017)

-“Pequeña Silenciosa” directed by Carlos Alonso (2017)

-Con la boca cerrada directed by Anna Farré (2016)


Among others...

Also original music for advertisement such as:



-"Mediolanum Banco" 


-"Banca March"


-"Etnia Barcelona" 


And many more...

Some International and National Film Festivals Awards

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Some International Film Festival Selections

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Joan Vilà Moll

+34 654917073